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Shrove Days Program

See you in 2022


From 9:00am: People in costumes, violas and tambours entertain the city.

From 4:00pm: Carnival procession departs - Avenue Wanderpepen - Parc Derbaix.

6:00pm: Procession ends at Avenue Charles Deliège.


From 10:00am: Youths accompanied by viola.

From 4:00pm: Friendship round dance ('rondeau') - Grand-Place.

From 7:00pm: Fireworks - Eugène Derbaix Square.


From 8.30am: Gilles, Paysans, Marins, Pierrots and Arlequins dance through the streets.

Reception at the town hall. The Gilles and the Paysans wear their wax masks.

From 3:00pm: Parade of the Gilles, Paysans, Marins, Pierrots and Arlequins starting at Battignies square. The Gille wears his hat adorned with ostrich feathers and throws oranges.

5.30pm: Round dance ('rondeau') in the market square.

8:00pm: Departure from Avenue Charles Deliège - parade with sparklers and round dance.

9:30pm: Fireworks.

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