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Shrove Monday

Shrove Monday is the most intimate day, when the inhabitants of Binche gather to spend time together. This day is dedicated to the youth and the children. The three youth groups of Binche – the Catholic youth, the liberal youth and the socialist youth – have been working together within the Association for the Defense of Shrove Monday for 18 years. Their task is to protect and promote the Shrove Monday celebration.

From 10:00am, the youths head out in groups, accompanied by violas, and walk the streets from café to café, dancing all morning long in the city.

Confetti fights are generally organized at city center cafés at around 11:00am.

At around 3:00pm, the youths take to their own meeting room and gather at the Grand-Place, offering oranges to people. All the costumed children then gather to perform the friendship round dance ('rondeau').

At 5:00pm, the youths slowly walk towards the station, where there is a fireworks display at around 7:00pm.


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